NOTE: this information is only for paying participants. Invited speakers will be contacted by the organizers with instructions for their registration.

Please read carefully the below procedure before registering. If you have questions before proceeding with your registration and board and lodging bookings, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All the information below can be downloaded as a pdf document here.

The procedure has 3 steps

  1. Registration and payment of the conference registration fee
  2. Meals booking and payment (only by credit card)
  3. Hotel booking and payment (only by credit card for rooms at Monte Verità)

1. Registration and payment of the registration fee

Fill out and submit the registration form. The link to the form is at the end of this page. Please read these instructions before proceeding to the registration form.

The procedure offers an intermediate step in which you can upload an abstract. If you have submitted an abstract within the deadline and have been notified of acceptance, you can skip this procedure. If you wish to submit an abstract for late poster (possible until April 1st), you can upload it at this step of the registration. Your abstract will be quickly reviewed and you will soon receive the notification of acceptance.

Once the form is submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you input in the form. Please note that this is only a confirmation that the form has been sent correctly. It is not a payment confirmation.

After submitting the form, you are directed to a secure credit card payment page, where you can pay the registration fee (250.- CHF for MSc and PhD students; 350.- CHF for other academics; 550.- CHF  for industry participants). Input the appropriate amount and the credit card data to make your payment. The registration fee includes only the attendance to the conference and does not include any board and lodging costs.

Registration fee is waived off for residents of the Canton Ticino.

Once the payment has been made correctly, you will receive two emails: one of payment confirmation sent by "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." and a second one sent by "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.", which contains the link and the code to be used for the next step.

We strongly recommend credit card payment for the registration fees (in order to immediately obtain the code to access the next steps), but if it’s absolutely not possible, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange for a bank transfer. In that case the code will be sent after receiving the payment. Please be advised that exceptions to credit card payments can be made only for the registration fee. You will still need a credit card payment for meals and hotel booking (next 2 steps).

Payment of the registration fee implies knowledge and acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

Deadline for the registration and conference fees payment: April 14th, 2017.

2. Meals booking

Once you paid the registration, please go to the meals booking page on Monte Verità’s website.

Input the code you have received after payment to access the meals booking page. The meals package includes lunches and dinners, from dinner on Sunday May 14th until lunch on Wednesday May 17th. The cost of the full board package is 325.- CHF, including the excursion + conference dinner at the Island of Brissago on Tuesday.

Please note that meals must be booked and paid for until April 30th, 2017. After that date the meals booking platform will be closed and the restaurant will not accept any more bookings.

Once the meals booking and payment is successfully finished, you will receive a link to Monte Verità’s hotel booking page for the last step.

Payment of the meals package implies knowledge and acceptance of Monte Verità’s Terms and Conditions.

3. Hotel booking

You can either book your room at the Monte Verità hotel (the conference venue) or in a different hotel in Ascona.

Monte Verità

Following the directions after booking and paying for the meals, you will reach Monte Verità’s hotel booking platform, where you can check availability and prices and, if you find a room that fits your wishes and budget, you can go ahead and book it. You will need the same code that you have used for the meals booking.

Please note:

  • Single rooms are limited and some have a shared bathroom. Please read the room descriptions carefully
  • If you wish to book a shared double room with a colleague, both names must be mentioned at the time of booking and the room must be paid for the full occupancy
  • The rooms via this platform can be booked only for the time of the conference (maximum of 3 nights, earliest possible arrival on Sunday April 14th, latest possible departure Wednesday, May 17th). If you need pre- or post-conference extra nights, you must contact the hotel directly. Please be aware that rates for extra pre- or post-conference nights will vary from those quoted for the conference days
  • Price for rooms at Monte Verità (per night with breakfast): 132.- CHF for single room; 77.- CHF per person for shared double room (tourist tax of 3.10 CHF/person/night not included). These rates apply only to conference participants. Accompanying persons will be charged with a higher rate. Please contact us for more information if you plan to come with a non-attending partner

Booking and payment of a room at Monte Verità implies knowledge and acceptance of Monte Verità’s Terms and Conditions.

Other hotels in Ascona

You can refer to your favourite online booking portals to search what better fits your wishes and budget. Check carefully the hotel location and distance from Monte Verità (type in “Fondazione Monte Verità Ascona” in google maps) and be advised that Monte Verità is located on a hill about 100 meters above Ascona. From the town centre (post office), it’s about 20-minute walk uphill to reach the conference venue. There is limited public transport between Ascona and Monte Verità, with a schedule that is not convenient with the starting of the conference in the morning.

Some hotels in Ascona that have been used for Monte Verità conferences in the past are:

Please note that we have not made any pre-booking or agreement with the above hotels. They are just suggestions and we do not assure availability or special rates.

Rates are usually visible on the most common online hotel booking portals, where you may occasionally find better ones than those given on the hotel website. For cancellation conditions, refer to your booking system or directly to the hotel of choice.

You can start the procedure with the registration form.